Tuesday, January 31, 2006

This is me with my sister Tilly

She is so cute and very nice .... :) She is also a bit shy and likes to have most of her time on her own.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Run Forest Run!

I know this picture is not funny or anything... I dont have time to entertain the camera every day... but I am charming every day!
So at first I was not very keen on walking... much like my mom I love to sleep and I can also be a bit lazy. I also hated the leash and the harness.... it scared me and I couldnt figure out what the deal was with that.... but after several attempts at walking with mom (amanda) and dad (graeme) where they dragged me down the sidewalk or through the grass.... I have gradually begun to take some steps....

You'll be amazed to know that just last weekend I took a walk into the local city centre.... and I walked almost the whole way there and part of the way back ( It is just over a mile into the city centre). Thats pretty far for someone who is like 6 inches tall with like 2-3 inch legs!

Last night they decided to take me out for a walk.... but it was freakin FREEZING! I had my new shirt on (which I will show you as soon as dad gets the pics on the computer), but it was still so cold and very windy ( I was blown across the road at one point!) Anyway..... I decided since dad was a few steps ahead of us to run and catch up..... and then he started runnign and of course mom had to run to keep up with us! We ran for what seemed like AGES... we ran all through the neighborhood and then down the main street a little ways.... until I got tired and then I wanted my mom to hold me and put me in her coat to keep me warm. It didnt take long though before I wanted back down to run the rest of the way home!

I cant believe how much I love walking... errr RUNNING now!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Oliver Evil

Since I like to spill the beans about everything here.... I will just go ahead and admit that sometimes I am a bit of a Yorkshire TERROR.... And so that goes beyond my mom having to call out all my names in the big loud yell voice *OLIVER RAMSEY RHODES!* ... Sometimes I am just downright OLIVER EVIL.

I like to bite and chew. On my MOM. I love to bite her toes and her hands, and her ears and anything else I can get ahold of really... And I also bite and chew on my Dad.... And it really is evil because although I am just a puppy and sometimes forget... sometimes I know its wrong and I do it anyway!

And since I know you will think this is all poppycock.... I will just have to show you a picture to prove how evil I can look. In the famous words of Cartman from South Park *Respect my Authoritee!*

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I love to play Sock!

Monday, January 23, 2006

My Grandma Made This Blanket!

This is my mommy's blanket, but its my very favorite!!! My grandma made it.... so sometimes when I am a very good boy, Mommy lets me have a turn curling up in it..... Maybe one day I will have my own!

Today I was thinking... That I have come a long way baby!!!

These are my first pictures ever taken. The breeder sent these to my mom, and she fell in love with me and came to get me 3 days later. I was five weeks old when these piccies were taken, and mom mom picked me up two days before I was six weeks old. Now that I am super cool and getting all grown up I thought I would share some of my baby pics with you!

when I am not chewing my mom's slippers

I like to play with empty water bottles!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Is it Christmas again yet?

Sleeping in the presents was fun!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

i love to nap

so i wish the paparazzi would leave me be!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

anyone for a coffee

I like to have a coffee to help me chill... I have school again tonight!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

yes its true i do not like to share my toys

I am a TOY HOG
so? Oh WELL!

(my mom says my Auntie Ang says so and Oh well! .... I cant believe that!I heard she's gorgeous and so now I am cool like her!!!)

Monday, January 16, 2006

see you tomorrow

Mom says I have to help her with the housework and laundry! SHEESH! (kabob)

sorry i wasnt around so much this weekend

I hope you didnt miss me too much.

But I am very very busy you know.

I mean JUST THINK how much sleeping I have to do! (among- of course- all of the other very high profile things I do!)

PS Do you think I am yawning or laughing here:

can I tell you a secret?

I have a very secret delight..... I LOVE to steal the xbox controller and take it as far as i can across the room.... I think the sheer fact that I can pick it up and carry it speaks volumes about my strength and manhood! Sadly my Dad doesnt really see it that way - AT ALL. He thinks the xbox is for just for him, so if he is around I get into big trouble, and Mommy shouts no at me if she catches me trying to play, so I try not to do it when they are in the room.... and maybe I also secretly like to think I am a big boy playing xbox just like my Dad!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

the day I found the diet Pepsi and Coke YUM!

Before today I didnt think anything was better than Diet Pepsi!

So the last couple of days hasnt been too exciting, which has been nice since I have been trying to get over the upset from my first day at school.

My mommy has tried to put me on the leash again a few more times and sometimes I will walk across the living room, but most of the time I wont! HAHAHA!!!!

I think pretty soon I am going to have to go outside for a *real walk* whatever that is! Today I had a great time riding around on my mom's shoulder when she was doing housework! That is about all the more excitement I need.

The best part of the day was when I got to sample one of Grandpa Campbell's favorite treats - Peanut Butter and syrup! OMG it was just so yummy I could smell it a mile away and practically jumped onto the plate! Now I love coffee and I love honey even more, but this was truly the best thing I have ever tasted, and I promptly had a nice sugar buzz and ran around the living room like a mad man for a good hour..... This was even better than the day I found Diet Pepsi and Coke.......

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Yesterday was my biggest day EVER!

Yesterday I had a HUGE day, I had my very first day of school!

There were no paparazzi, so unfortunately I dont have a piccie of my first day at school, but i think there might be a paparazzi next week as popularity for puppy classes grows!

So anyway about school.... When I first arrived I was VERY nervous..... so I just wanted my mommy to hold me, but as she is so mean she PUT ME DOWN!!! can you believe it??? ON THE FLOOR??? And there were other puppies there. OH MY and they were barking and jumping around like freaks.... I couldnt believe their mommies and dadies just let them act like that..... BUT after about 15 minutes of looking around I realised I was the only one NOT doing this and decided to join in....

So I said hello and tried to make some new school friends... It went swimmingly REALLY!!! I greeted them the same way I greet my mommy and daddy, with kisses on the lips TONGUES AND ALL.... The other puppies seemed quite surprised by this, but they all let me kiss them full on the lips! I loved it I kissed everyone ( I had to stand on my back tip toes to get most of them, but i did it!!!)!!! There was a shar pei and a jack russel and a spuds mackenzie dog ( i dont know what kind they are) and there was this beautiful shepherd looking dog and right next to me there was a yellow lab retriever mix! What a mix and of course I was the tiniest by far, but my teacher says I am very brave for wanting to get to know everyone....

When it was my turn to play in the centre with the other dogs I went out full force and said hello to everyone and gave it my best until the shar pei got ahold of me! WOW YIKES can you believe he got me in his mouth and picked me up LIKE A TOY!... I think he was only playing, but it scared me, so after that I did not stray far from my mommy and daddy... in fact I hid by their feet and tried to get them to hold me in their lap........

This however was not the last of my nightmares! Can you believe .... they tried to make me WALK, ON A LEASH! I hated it and refused, but my teacher told mommy to drag me along AND SHE DID!!!! and she and my dad even took me outside! ON THE LEASH! I had to be dragged the whole way to the car.... when we got there I tried to have a nap in my mom's lap, but peace was shortlived, for as soon as we arrived home mommy wanted to make me walk down the hall on the leash!!!! I would not do this.... not even for chicken!

In the end I made it back and had a quick game of sock with mom and dad and then went to bed ALL TUCKERED OUT!

Today I am shooting for a much more layed back day! No school again til next week! But mommy says she is going to try to get me to practise on my leash EVERY DAY! Cross your fingers she gets busy and I get out of it!

in case you havent figured it out- i love the camera

for your personal enjoyment - Pictures from my very first bath

miss me?

well it has been such a busy few days for me....

the day before yesterday i had to have a bath- which is fine i have one of those 1-2 times per week, but i HATE HATE HATE the hair dryer. I dont care HOW FAST anyone thinks it is going to dry me, so i scratched my mommy to bits trying t get away and not get my hair dried.... In the end though she won and then we .....

Went to the vet. Going to the vet does not really bother me.... as i get loads of attention from all of my admirers.... ( i have 8 girlfriends there) and also from all the pets and momies and dadies in the waiting room... all I seem to do is make friends!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

but a nap first yeah?

busy day ahead

So today.... I just want to nap...

but it appears there are other things on my horizon... apparently someone thinks I need another bath..... so I will be having one of those, but hoping to avoid the shower because that stresses me out a bit....

and THEN i have to go to the vet for my second set of shots.... Wish me luck cause I didnt like the first ones so much!!!!



Here I Am

Oliver Ramsey Rhodes

This will be a blog of my personal journey.... I hope to post a pic of me every day, and I hope to see you here to enjoy it!

enough said for now, but arent I cute???